Cashboard API

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Document Templates

Document templates allow you to customize the output of invoices, payments, and estimates.
More information on our template language is available here.

Operations on this resource are restricted to admins only.

GET /document_templates

GET /document_templates/new

Returns a data template that you can fill in to use the CREATE action.

POST /document_templates

Creates a new payment. Use the template provided by the NEW action.


GET [document_template link 'self']

Returns a single template.

PUT [document_template link 'self']

Updates a template.

DELETE [document_template link 'self']

Deletes a template.
If you delete one of the standard templates it will reset to it's original content.

Data Reference

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <has_been_modified read_only="true">false</has_been_modified>
  <is_default read_only="true">false</is_default>

Property Reference

content This contains the template content.
All HTML entities will be escaped when provided to you via the API.
name Should be a unique identifier for this template.
Should not contain spaces.
title For email templates, this is the "subject" line.