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Project Lists

Project Lists allow you to organize Line Items into groups within a Project

A note about permissions...

  • Administrators have access to all Project Lists within the system
  • Employees will only have access to Project lists
    that belong to projects they have access to.

GET /project_lists


  • is_archived
    true returns only ARCHIVED lists
    false returns only OPEN lists
  • person_id
    Returns all lists that belong to a particular Employee or Client Contact
  • project_id
    Returns all lists that belong to a particular Project
  • updated_since
    Returns all lists last modified after the given date/time.
    Expects a CGI encoded datetime in the form of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

GET /project_lists/new

Returns a data template that you can fill in to use the CREATE action.

POST /project_lists

Creates a new list. Use the template provided by the NEW action.
You can also post to a Project List url

PUT [project_list link 'order']

Changes the order of Project Lists and the Line Items within.
Will allow you to move items between lists if you so desire. Items must belong to the same project or the operation will fail.

Expects data like the examples below. You may send partial updates, such as one list and the items within, or just the lists you'd like ordered.


    <project_list id="1" rank="1">
        <line_item id="100" rank="1" />
        <line_item id="50" rank="2" />
    <project_list id="2" rank="2" />

    project_lists: [
      {id: 1, rank: 1, line_items: [{id: 100, rank: 1}, {id: 50, rank: 2}]},
      {id: 2, rank: 2}


GET [project_list link 'self']

Returns a single list.

PUT [project_list link 'self']

Updates an existing project list.

DELETE [project_list link 'self']

Deletes a project list.

Toggle Status
PUT [project_list link 'toggle_status']

Archives an open project_list, or opens an archived one.
Will also mark all Line Items within COMPLETE.

Data Reference

Write-once attributes

Project_id may only be set during list creation.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <is_archived read_only="true">false</is_archived>
  <project_id read_only="true"></project_id>
  <updated_at read_only="true"></updated_at>