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Project Assignments

Project assignments grant non-admin employees access to a Project.
Assignments also set an employee's bill / pay rates for time entries logged against that project.

Operations on this resource are restricted to admins only.

GET /project_assignments

Lists all project assignments.


  • person_id
    Returns all assignments for an Employee
  • project_id
    Returns all assignments associated with the Project
  • updated_since
    Returns all assignments last modified after the given date/time.
    Expects a CGI encoded datetime in the form of YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS

GET /project_assignments/new

Returns a data template that you can fill in to use the CREATE action.

POST /project_assignments

Assign an employee to a project.
Also allows you to set their bill / pay rates for the project.

Update an Assignment
PUT [assignment link 'self']

Update an employee assignment.
If you'd like to remove an employee's access to a project you must set the has_access field to false.
We do not allow deletion of project assignments to ensure data integrity.

Data Reference

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <bill_rate rel="financial">0.00</bill_rate>
  <bill_rate_in_cents rel="financial"></bill_rate_in_cents>
  <pay_rate rel="financial">0.00</pay_rate>
  <pay_rate_in_cents rel="financial"></pay_rate_in_cents>
  <updated_at read_only="true"></updated_at>


Be aware that creating an assignment does not implicitly give access to that employee.
You must set the has_access field to true in order to grant access to the project